Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Pointless Argument #5

When flying, all passengers should be forced to wear airline issued jumpsuits free of zippers and other metallic trim. They should also be provided with books, magazines and movies at the airline's expense, but be allowed no carry on baggage. This would cut down on the security check time and the huge amount of time waiting for people to properly stow their baggage.

Failing that, anyone who tries to carry one of those bags that is far too big for the overhead bin, but hey it has wheels so it must be a carry on, should have to ditch the bag and be forced to fly crammed into the overhead compartment.


  1. Well, this is an argument I can get behind. I wish I could dispute your logic, but it's airtight.

    You still suck, however.

  2. I suck, you made me wait an hour and a half for a response. Then you just roll over and agree. I'm disappointed. This is the pointless ARGUMENT blog you know, not the pointless LAP DOG blog. (though that sounds interesting too, maybe we should start one)

  3. Are you the airport fashion police? Just because you are a grumpy frumpy bitch at the airport doesn't mean the rest of us must dress in Tyvek suits and wear prison shoes. Get off your elitist high horse.

    For all you know, the bedazzled woman slowing down security maybe be on a press junket for the Home Shopping Network. She may have to go straight to a book signing at the Jo-Ann Fabrics in West Hollywood.


  4. Mamikaze, maybe we need two air travel systems. One for people smart enough to realize their car keys or cell phone or pocket knives might not make it through the metal detector and one for those who are not.