Sunday, April 5, 2009

Pointless Argument #11

If you don't buy your shoes at the Shoe Pavilion, you pay to much! Or so the king of the shoe pavilion used to whine at us on tv. Well now that shoe pavilion as declared bankruptcy, maybe it is just proof we were paying too little. Too little to sustain a shoe business.
Disagree if you dare.

I win!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Pointless CAGE MATCH! Facebook vs. craigslist

Five ways in which craigslist beats that little bitch Facebook's ass:

1. Clean, simple layout that doesn't change every three months for no apparent reason.

2. Pointless point system. How many times have you longed to neg some asshole's status update? Do I give a shit about your mucus plug, so-called "friend" from fifth grade who I wasn't even crazy about back then? Yeah, that's VILE.

3. The ability to launch anonymous attacks in grey. Self explanatory.

4. The ability to stalk and harass total strangers. Also self explanatory.

5. The opportunity to meet like-minded sociopaths like you.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Pointless Argument #8

I hereby declare myself the winner of all 7 previous arguments. So there!
Argue that bitches.

Pointless Argument #7

Artificial sweeteners are the devil. Not only do they all leave a nasty taste in your mouth, they really don't save you much. For example, if you swap your teaspoon of sugar in your morning coffee for a packet of "the blue stuff" the pound or two you might lose by cutting the calories will we easily offset by the weight of the tumor you get as a result of eating that crap.