Thursday, April 2, 2009

Pointless CAGE MATCH! Facebook vs. craigslist

Five ways in which craigslist beats that little bitch Facebook's ass:

1. Clean, simple layout that doesn't change every three months for no apparent reason.

2. Pointless point system. How many times have you longed to neg some asshole's status update? Do I give a shit about your mucus plug, so-called "friend" from fifth grade who I wasn't even crazy about back then? Yeah, that's VILE.

3. The ability to launch anonymous attacks in grey. Self explanatory.

4. The ability to stalk and harass total strangers. Also self explanatory.

5. The opportunity to meet like-minded sociopaths like you.


  1. No way, Facebook is king:

    poking. I can bitchslap you from here.
    groups. "one million for Sarah Palin" speaks volumes for the unity on facebook
    lil green patch. I can save the earth by sending animated plants with faces. what could be better than that? oh yeah, sending them to people who don't want them.

  2. You seriously think bitch slaps, Sarah Palin, and freakish mutant plants trump anonymous attacks and stalking?!

    You disappoint me.

  3. Can I send you a Boon's Farm strawberry hill on craigslist? No. Can I tune out Al's sexual commentary by "unfriending" her? no. Sure I miss the points, and yes, the ability to rip people to shreds in grey is also lacking, but not having every single thing I post show up with a red -5 and not having to deal with a Matt's insane ramblings and wide variety of people I can happily live without make up for that.

    Granted, I'd have never met you bitches without it, so in that single aspect it wins.

  4. So are you saying I *shouldn't* have invited Al and Matt to contribute?

    Uh oh...