Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Pointless Argument #7

Artificial sweeteners are the devil. Not only do they all leave a nasty taste in your mouth, they really don't save you much. For example, if you swap your teaspoon of sugar in your morning coffee for a packet of "the blue stuff" the pound or two you might lose by cutting the calories will we easily offset by the weight of the tumor you get as a result of eating that crap.


  1. Artificial sweeteners are not for putting in your coffee, for chrissake. They were specifically created for cutting heroin and cocaine so that pea-brained dimwits like you don't OD.

    @ @

  2. Funny, I use baby formula. maybe that's my problem. If I want that heroin chic look I need to use Equal. Who knew? Well, apart from you. And I'm not counting you because you are so verbally abusive. Asshole.

  3. You think *I'm* abusive? Just wait 'til you're out on the street with the rest of the junkies, whores, and pimps. I'd toughen up if I were you.

    You wouldn't last 5 seconds out there, my friend.

  4. Thankfully I'm upscale. I'm more of the snorting-coke-off-my-high-priced-hooker kind of drug abuser than the selling-my-drug-ravaged-body-for-a-bump kind of user. it's all about audience.

  5. Ohhhhh, I get it. You're a dabbler, a poseur.

    I should have known.