Saturday, August 1, 2009

Pointless Decree: Pumpin' Up The Party Is Ofiicially This Blog's Theme Song

Since the rest of you losers haven't really been pulling your weight around here, I'm going to go ahead and stage a bloodless coup. And my first act as Boss of This Blog is to decree that Hannah Montana's Pumpin' Up The Party (aka the Best Song Ever!) is now officially our theme song!

I am hoping that this ragin' tune will inspire all of you to come back and get your sorry asses kicked by yours truly.

And now...let's Pump Up This Party!


  1. Really? I thought it was "Wind Beneath My Wings"

  2. Oh whatever. That was just a lame attempt to bait you people, but clearly I have lost my edge.

    I can't think of anything more pointless to argue.

  3. My god, after making it just past the halfway point of that affront and somehow restraining myself from throwing the computer through the window, I would now fully support "Come On Eileen" as the new theme song.