Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Nothing says I love you like an enema

Thoroughly cleansing the colon of your loved one is the fondest form of love. What else says "I will do anything for you" like an enema?


  1. Love is a many-splendored thing...it's the moon hitting your eye like a big pizza pie...it's never having to say you're sorry...what love ISN'T is blasting water up someone's ass.

    Unless you're into that kind of thing, of course. In which case, best of luck to you and your plumbing.

  2. and yet the painful burn of acidic pizza sauce, grease and garlic in your eyes IS love? WTF?

  3. I don't know, I think I'd prefer stinging eyes to BLASTING WATER UP SOMEONE'S ASS. But that's just me.

  4. I believe Floyd Gondolli said it best: "I like simple pleasures, like butter in my ass, lollipops in my mouth. That's just me. That's just something that I enjoy." So I guess he preferred butter enemas, and I would assume that whoever serviced him with those loved him very much.
    I'm going to have to agree with the submitter on this one - I've always imagined that TRUE LOVE is being willing to wipe someone's ass after they've lost both arms, but the enema thing goes one step further.

  5. You people are sick. SICK, I say!

    Also you are giving me a migraine with your Sibyl-esque handle changes.

    Just to clarify:

    followthatdog = evilsupergenius
    greencorduroyfrog = cannonfodder
    the empress = me, the reigning and undisputed Queen of this blog

    So go ahead and blast water up each other's asses while I polish my crown...

  6. Well dammit, if I had known followthatdog was the evil genius, I would have totally disagreed!

  7. And you'd have been wrong. At least this way you are on the winning team.

  8. If "winning" involves blasting water up someone's ass, I'll gladly declare myself the loser here.